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Fun times outside

An overcast day but the weather was a balmy 61 in Wisconsin.
Before going to the YMCA for the Halloween event Ryan and Mason wanted to walk around.
They had fun chasing each other and playing on the park.

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Trick or treat at the Y

Today at the YMCA they had a trick or treating activity for the kids. Ryan and Mason went and made a Halloween bag, ate some apples and popcorn, and played some games.

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Another Networking event

Here i am networking with someone at this event Friday night.
I was interested in what he was saying despite the expression on my face.
I really enjoy talking to new people and listening to their stories.
I also met a defense attorney who specializes in DUI(Driving Under the Influence)...
he had some of the funniest stories.
A fun night out.

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Networking on the rooftop

This was a blast! the 13th floor of the Milwaukee Athletic Club with some other professionals.
From Left to Right:
Som Souvong - Owner of Pathways - a web and design firm
Geoff Osmond - partner in Hosley, custom suits
Michael Sheppard - Financial Representative (we work together)

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P90X Completed!

Okay, so these photos are long overdue, b/c i actually started my 2nd round of P90X.
The results: i pulled in 1" on the stomach and waist.
I lost 5 lbs.
I added 1" on the guns and calves.
You can see that there is actually some definition.
By the way, if you were thinking..."Man, I thought there'd be better results."
It is not the system of P90X b/c I didn't change my eating habits as suggested.
If you know how much I eat you know what i mean.
ATTENTION BRUCE and PETE: Look who's got the bigger guns!

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Google me

I don't know if any of you know this but I love my name, Sherman On. It is very unique and memorable. I constantly Google: sherman on, to see what appears and i'm happy that my work website it always first to appear.

Why don't you Google yourself and see what comes up.

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The 30 Day check-up

Everyone - here are the photos after 30 days after doing P90X.
I am feeling great!
I still feel sore after the workouts but i am able to basically keep up with the routine.
I am able to run more during Thrs. night basketball at the church.
I will posting the 60 day check up so keep your eyes open for those.

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March Madness

No ladies and gentlemen this is not a rampage about the NCAA tournament and how BYU disappointed fans again with a 1st round knock-out.

I am talking about P90X! That's right, i started to workout my "core" and i'm on a mission to get totally ripped in the next 90 days - that will mean by June 9, 2009 i should be ready to be seen in a bathing suit without having to suck my rice gut in. however, i will still be pasty white...that unfortunately won't change as i live in wisconsin.

I started P90X March 9th b/c i wanted to get ripped and thought now is the time. with the weather cold i am not able to run on a regular basis so an indoor workout would be ideal. After working out for the week - i was totally sore. I was talking to a friend of mine, Mike, who said he also had P90X but had yet to put the 90 days to the test. So we decided to experience the pain together. so we started March 16th to workout at 5:30am. It is awesome! we feel like we are ripped until we stand in front of the mirror. Well, one day at a time and we'll get there.

i thought i'd post up my BEFORE pics for you all to see the transformation at 30 days, 60 and 90 days. my goal is to have a 6 pack at the end of the 90 days.

The rice gut.

Okay, so to be honest i didn't flex here so at my 90 day pic should be awesome!

The back is not too shabby. It is sad that i only look good from behind.

Oh yeah, and i had to stand in front of the cherry wood door b/c you wouldn't be able to see my next to the white walls...that is so sad.

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